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Awards Nominations Listings  2004



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BEST NEW ORIGINAL GEN AUTHOR (any genre) / The Rising Star Award

Emerald 1: Ezra's Baby Daughter             Author: Lu 

Humans just Ain't worth the trouble         Author: Lily of the West  

The Stalker                                             Author:  Sunni                      Declined

Blue Horse                                            Author:  Freyan                 

Keeping Watch                                     Author: Carole

Stranded                                             Author: Gunney

Coming Home                                     Author:  Raven

How Thin The Line                            Author:  Riverbrat

So Easy to Kill                                  Author:  Midnight Blue 

Ally Cat                                            Author: BM 

Santa's Helper                                 Author:  Sharon Hepner

Sins of the Father                              Author:  Phox



BEST NEW ORIGINAL ADULT AUTHOR (any genre)/ The Rising Star Award

The Long Hard Ride              Author:  Jean

Shattered                              Author: The Chronicler 

A Christmas Wish                 Author:  Kimberley

Full Circle                            Author:  Kimberley

Remember                           Author:  Tree Climber

Purgatory                             Author: Robin Serrano




BEST GEN HURT COMFORT / The Golden Crutch Award

Never Asked                                        Author:  Kris

Wrestling the Octopus                           Author:  JK

Point of View                                       Author:  JIN

Word                                                 Author:  Deirdre              Declined

Bleak Mourning                                 Author: Suzy B     

Civil Disturbance                               Author: Suzy B 

By These Fists Alone                         Author: Anita

A Requested Lapse of Reason           Author:   Anita 

Rescue Me                                       Author:  Jenn 

By These Fists Alone                         Author: Anita

Don't Know From Adam                   Author: Jordan Mackenzie

Going Home                                      Author:  LaraMee

Unfounded                                        Author:  Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

The Magpie Story                            Author:  Meg Tipper

Half Baked                                      Author:  Twyla Jane

Down Came the Rain                        Author:  KT

Promises                                          Author:  Kimberley

Christmas Trappings                        Author:  Angela B

Captives                                         Author: Sue B.

Tin                                                 Author:  Nottasha

To the place I belong                      Author:  Ronnie

Tell me all your thoughts on God     Author:  Jin 

Outcasts                                       Author:  Jeanne

Huntin’                                         Author: Jeanne

Once in a Lifetime                        Author: Angela Bolling

Manifest Destiny                          Author: JJJunky

Ultra Vires                                   Author:  Heidi

Poison                                         Author:  Heather Flahtery

Step Back and Ponder                Author: Jackie




BEST ADULT HURT COMFORT / The Golden Crutch Award

Bombshell                             Author:  Mcat

Revelations                           Author:  Sue N.

Shattered                             Author: The Chronicler

Out of the Blue                    Author: Hombre

Lost And Found                  Author The Chronicler

Violation                            Author:  Hombre

Gone                                  Author:  LT                        

Nexus: Salt Lake               Author:  Macx  &  Lara Bee

Run Free                           Author:  Macx &  Lara Bee

Eclipse                              Author: Macx & Lara Bee

Falling Down                     Author: Megan Kent

Rubicon                            Author: The Scribe




BEST GEN HUMOR / The John Dunne Award

JD's Diary                                                    Author:  Lu

Team Retreat                                               Author:  Heather

Fan Fiction                                                 Author: The Chronicler              

The Call of the Wild                                    Author:  Annie

Humans Just Ain't Worth the Trouble          Author: Lily of the West

All for One                                                  Author:  Suzy B 

Undercover                                                 Author: The Chronicler  

How Four Idjiots got Baptized                     Author:  Pat

Spittin Butterfly Smoke                                Author  Jackie, &  Ingunn,  

Hiccups                                                       Author:  Hombre

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas      Author:  J. Brooks

Neither a Sender nor a Larabee                    Author:  Beth Green

Sugar Rush                                                   Author:  Carole

Counting to Three                                        Author:  Carole

The Wreck                                                  Author:  Heather F.

The Hunting of the ...Aw Hell!                      Author: Lara Bee

New Adventures of Crash and Burn             Author: Heidi

Seeing the Elephant                                       Author: J. Brooks

Operation Cat                                              Author:   KT

The Bull                                                      Author: Helen Chavez 

Questionable Answers                                Author:  Sheryl

Just a little more                                          Author: Steelknight

Tennyson, Shakespeare...and Wilmington    Author: Brigitta B

The Lowest of Low                                    Author: Brigitta B

Leave it to Me                                            Author: Brigitta B

A Man's Derriere is a Very Private Thing    Author:  Brigitta B

Alternate Transportation                             Author: Brigitta B

Australia's Nice This Time of Year!            Author: Brigitta B

Intervention                                              Author: MMW

All F**ked Up                                        Author: The Chronicler  

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do       Author: Brigitta B

Cold Comfort                                           Author: Wendy W

Counting to Three                                    Author:  Carole

The Zoo                                         Author:  Heather Flaherty


BEST ADULT HUMOR/ The Loaded Gun Award

Going to see the Elephant                Author:  Cattraine & KlingonCat

Phone Sex                                      Author:   LaraMee

Things Boys Get Up to                     Author:  Kitipurr

Ars Vivendi                                     Author:  Macx

Hitting the 'O                                   Author: Macx

Undercover Leathers                      Author: Wildcard 

Winter Stampede                            Author: Klingoncat 

All Frosting - Chocolate                   Author: Charlotte C Hill

Muddy Waters and Soapy Bubbles     Author: The Chronicler  

Surprise                                            Author: Charlotte C. Hill

Another Saturday Night                   Author: Sue Kelley



BEST ADULT  HET / The Ace of Hearts Awards

Home & Away                                  Author:  Zeke Black             Declined

Under Cover of Darkness                 Author:  Luna Dey

A Night to Treasure                        Author:  Julie Verinder

Aftermath                                        Author:  TJ

Buckaroo                                       Author:  Jody Revenson

The Day can't last Forever             Author: Katmorg

Reunion                                         Author:  Kaly

Seven Days                                    Author: The Scribe




BEST ADULT SLASH / The Wild Hearts Awards

Getting There                              Author:  Phantom Black Sheep 

Of Lakes & Rivers                      Author:  Zeke Black            Declined

Fractured                                    Author: Charlotte Hill

Songs in the Key of You             Author: Kitipurr

Remedy                                      Author: Robin Serrano

Wild Night                                  Authors: Ruby J. & Maygra

A Life Not Left                           Author:  Annie

Phoenix                                      Author:   Zorrorojo

Termination                                Author:  Cobalt

Inchoate                                    Author:  Cobalt

Jeep Tricks                              Author:  Klingoncat

Turning Point                             Author: Macx

Retribution                                 Author: Kimberley

Make-Up Sex                           Author: Charlotte C. Hill

Fighting midnight                        Author: firefox

JD's Story  (Escorts AU)            Author:  Stan Lee

Plenty to Go Around                  Author: Charlotte C Hill

Grulla                                        Author:  Cattraine

A Man's Gotta Do...                  Author:  Sammy Girl

Southern Exposure                    Author: Steelknight

Learning to Improvise                Author:  Katherine

Stud Poker                               Author: Timberwolf

Distraction                               Author: Cobalt

In the Beginning                       Author:  Charlotte  C Hill

Discoveries                              Author: Cobalts

Like Old Times                        Author: Charlotte C. Hill





BEST GEN TEARJERKER / The Embroidered Hanky Award

Shenandoah Waltz                                             Author:  Sue Bartholomew 

Come Home                                                      Author:   JIN

Things We Learned 16: Empty Kingdoms          Author:   LaraMee

Small Sacrifices                                                  Author:  JBrooks  

Next Time                                                          Author: Trish

Death of an innocent                                          Author:  K

Be Still                                                               Author:  JIN

Unexpected in the Common Hours                     Author:  Jody Revenson

The color of Love                                             Author:    LaraMee

For the Best- LB/ATF                                    Author:   Heather F

Wanted, Dead or Alive                                  Author:  Tammy

To Protect His Own                                     Author: Joy (JK)

Until Your Dreams Know                             Author: Joy (JK)

Numb                                                         Author:  Lady Standish

Borrowed Time                                          Author:  Estevana Ray

Revenge                                                    Author:  Katie

Nothing                                                    Author: Nottasha

The Ghosts that Haunt Me                        Author: Susan Zell

Change of Heart                                       Author: Winter

Fields of Blue                                          Author: Sue N

The Good-Bye Talk                               Author: The Chronicler 

The Best Christmas Ever                        Author:  Lynda

Tell Me There's a Heaven                       Author: Helen Chavez

All the time in the world                          Author: Lara Bee



BEST ADULT TEARJERKER  / The Embroidered Hanky Award

Counting the Cost                            Author:   Tree climber

Careless Whisper                            Author:  Carla 

Homecoming                                 Author:   KET

Hope and Dreams                        Author:   Ruby J

Lost and Found                           Author: Ruby J.

Say Goodnight                             Author: Lara Bee

Rigor Mortis                               Author: Lara Bee

Children of the Night                    Author: Kimberley

The Last Patrol                           Author:  Joe Lawson

Cold Enough to Snow                Author: Gwyneth Rhys 

True Friends                              Author:  Sammy Girl

Yesterday's hero                        Author: Steelknight

Haunted Heart                           Author: Steelknight



BEST GEN HOLIDAY FIC (any genre)/ The Glad Tidings Award

It's Not Fair                             Author:  Joy

Christmas Diamonds               Author:  SassySouix & Dorkjunkie

Aftermath                               Author:  Helen Adams

Seventh Heaven                     Author: Cin

Merry Christmas                     Author: Brigita B

Legend                                  Author: Winter 

The Gift                                 Author: Winter 

His Team                              Author: Steelknight


Christmas Shoes                    Author: wyndewalker

A Gift to be Celebrated at Christmas      Author: Brigitta B

Desk of Fiddles                       Author: NotTasha


Santa's Helper                        Author: Sharon Hepner



BEST ADULT HOLIDAY FIC (any genre)/ The Glad Tidings Award

Always                                         Author:  Maygra

To Hold A New Day                   Author:   Maygra

In The Spirit                                Author:   Oracle

Toeing the Mistle                         Author: Annie

Christmas Carols Revisited         Author:   Steelknight

Christmas Interlude                     Author:  Lara Bee &  Macx

Where Angels Fear to Tread      Author:  TimberWolf

Once More                                Author: CV Puerro

Have Yourself...                         Author:  Stan Lee

Veils                                          Author:  US

All I Want For Christmas           Author: Steelknight

A Christmas Wish                      Author:  Kimberley

For Auld L'ang Syne                  Author:  Charlotte C Hill



BEST GEN NON-ATF  AU /The Brass Mirror Award

Spellbound                                          Author:   Jeanne 

Fellow Travelers                                 Author:  J Brooks

Twofold                                             Author:   Purple Lacey

Equitable Action                                 Author:  Meg Tipper

Blue Horse                                         Author: Freyan                

Catch Manny                                    Author:  Meg Tipper  

Spirit                                               Author: Ruby    

Four Kingdoms - Book 1               Author: Meg Tipper

Four Kingdoms -Rhea & the Wolf -Book 5            Author: Meg Tipper

The Magnificent Quest                      Author:  Nettie Roe                      Declined

Where home is at                             Author:  Angela B.

Judging the Book                            Author:  Justy                                 Declined

Hush                                              Author:  Beth (aka Midge)

Stranded                                        Author: Gunney

Haven Series                                  Author:  Brate 

Make A Wish                                Author: SassySouix

Mythological Beasts                       Author:  Lara Bee

Vengeance AU                              Author:  Heidi & Cin

Fortress                                        Author: Jean

A Blast from the Past                     Author:  Brigitta B

Give them Hell Boys                      Author: Brigitta B

The Price of War                             Author:  Winter 

Misfits                                             Author:  Winter &  Nancy W. 

Dark Skies                                      Author Winter  & Nancy W 

Heaven Knows, Mr. Wilmington       Author: Nancy W. 

Damnation Alley                                Author: Leslie

The right kind of mirrors                    Author: killash

Little Runaway                                Author: Laramee




BEST ADULT NON-ATF  AU /The Brass Mirror Award

Sadist's Grin                                    Author:  Cobalt

Leverage                                         Author:   Cobalt

The Alchemist's Fortune                  Author:  Kay

The Magnificent Bordello                Author: Robin Serrano

The Hound of the Standishes           Author: Sammy Girl

Country of the Heart                       Author:  Charlotte Hill

Carpe Noctem                               Author: Macx &  Lara Bee

Interlude: Midnight of my Soul         Author:  Diamondback                        Declined       

Family Matters                                Author: Stan Lee

Letting in the Jungle                        Author: Lethe Loupe

Mad Dog                                       Author: Joe Lawson

Second Star To The Right              Author:  Jess                   Unable to Contact

Los Magnificos                              Author: Cattraine

Sturgis                                          Author: Cattraine

And So It Goes                            Author:  Cobalt




BEST GEN CROSSOVERS / The Crossroads Award

The Compassion Trap                  Author: Gil Hales

The Cub and the Kit                    Author: Debra Noellert

Double Take                               Author:  Winter

Wrong Place, Wrong Time         Author:  Mady Bay

Leap of Faith                             Author: Brate

Double Jeopardy                       Author: Winter 

Showdown in Four Corners      Author: Jennifer

Due Seven                                Author: Gina Dewey



BEST ADULT CROSSOVERS / The Crossroads Award

One Day Out West                         Author: zorrorojo

Disclosures                                     Author: Katherine



BEST ORIGINAL GEN POEM (Any Genre)/The Vin Tanner Award

New Start                                              Author:  Jean Dockery

The Seven's Thanksgiving                      Author: Teresa                             Declined

Miracle In The Moonlight                      Author:  Jackie

Warmth of Friendship                          Author:  Jackie

The collection of Haikus                       Author:  Cobalt

Prize Attributes                                  Author: Lady Viper




BEST ORIGINAL ADULT POEM (Any Genre)/The Vin Tanner Award

Again                                     Author:  Cobalt

He Remembered                    Author: Steelknight




BEST GEN KISS FIC/ The Luscious Lips Award

Mistletoe                            Author:  Helen Adams

Fun on the Slopes              Author: Lisa S



BEST ADULT KISS FIC/ The Luscious Lips Award




BEST GEN VIGNETTE(25K or less)(any genre) / The Magnificent Ficlet Award

The Man With No Name                    Author: Debbi K 

Gone but not Forgotten                      Author:  Kat Morg

A Friend in Me                                  Author: Winnie

A Man Someday                               Author: LaraMee

Imperfect Thoughts                            Author:  Twyla Jane

Watching God Dream                       Author:  Sunni                       Declined

Keeping Watch                                Author:  Carole

He Ran and Ran and Ran                 Author:  Jessie Jane Cheshire

One Half Left                                  Author: Sammy Girl

Learning to Listen                            Author:  KT

Through a Wise Man's Eyes             Author: Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

When a Man Respects You             Author: DarkSkies 

Leave No Man Behind                    Author:  Rebecca Lynn Williams 

Okay                                               Author: Kemmae

Tea and Sympathy                           Author: J Brooks

Perchance to Dream                        Author:  US



BEST ADULT VIGNETTE(25K or less)(any genre) / The Magnificent Ficlet Award

Duet                                            Author: Cattraine

Almost Awake at Midnight          Author:  Mady Bay

Push                                            Author: Robin Serrano

A la Carte                                   Author: Macx

Cravings                                      Author: Macx

At your feet                                Author : C.V Puerro

No compromise                          Author: Cobalt

Sizzle                                         Author: Charlotte C Hill

Unbridled Passion                      Author: Steelknight

Homage to Sundance                 Author: Outrider

Priceless                                    Author: Charlotte C Hill



BEST GEN EXTENDED FIC /NOVELLA(250k or more, any genre)/ The Best Novella Award

Running Against the Wind                      Author:  Jean Graham

Moved by Silent Hands                        Author:  Painted Eyes            

Quicksand                                           Author:  Sun N.

Father's Day                                       Author:  Jody Revenson

When Shadows Fall                            Author:  Desert Sage & Co Author:  Deb

Pawn on a Green Baize Table              Author: Sevenstars & Aureleigh 

Choices                                              Author:  Heather Hillsden & Sue Salter

Silent Memories                                  Author:  Violette

Something Wicked                             Author: Mary K

Sui Generis                                        Author: Macx

Through the River of Fire                   Author: Deirdre

I will Help you                                    Author: Mitzi




BEST ADULT EXTENDED FIC /NOVELLA(250k or more, any genre)/The Best Novella Award

Served Cold                               Author: Julie Verinder  

Credens Furtiva                          Author:  Maygra

Metagenesis                               Author:   Macx & Lara Bee

The South Wind                         Author: TJ

Full Circle                                  Author:  Kimberley

Brass Ring Series                       Author:  KET

The Big Score  Book I               Author: Charlottte C. Hill  & Maygra




BEST GEN SEQUENTIAL FICS(any genre)/ The Mag 7  Serial Award

In the Good Ol' Summertime                   Author:  Various Authors

The Annie Greer Saga                             Author:   Not Tasha

The Silence Series                                  Author:  Jessie Jane Cheshire

Four Kingdoms AU                               Author: Meg Tipper

Where the Wind Blows Series               Author:  Beth (Midge) 

After the Peace AU                               Author: Jaye B.

Tijuana Jail Series                                 Author:  Twyla Jane 

Things We Learned (LB)                     Authors:  Joy K & Various

The Coyote Chronicles                         Author:  Mods

Visits with Dr. Will                                Author:  LaraMee 

Sentinels, Guides, and Telepaths AU      Author: Jaye B.

E.m.7: Executive Mediation 7                Author: Brigitta B.

Weathering the Storm                           Author:  Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

The Regents AU                                  Author: Debra M & Monica M

The Cur                                               Author: Linda B

Fallen Embers                                     Author:  Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

Hell of a Shot Series                            Author: Brigitta B

The South Bridge Series                      Author:  NotTasha 




BEST ADULT SEQUENTIAL FICS(any genre)/ The Mag 7  Serial Award

Dark Moon                               Author:  Cattraine

A Drawing Hand                       Author:  Cobalt

The Latin Series                        Author:  Raven

The Campfire series                  Author:  C.V. Puerro

The Ezra/Mary Series               Author:  Luna Day

Denuo                                      Author: Macx &  Lara Bee

Cry for Help                             Author: Stanlee

Reflections of...                         Author: Tiffiny




BEST GEN STORIES / The One Destiny Award

Born for Adversity                            Author:   Julia Verinder

Simple Pleasures                              Author: Helen Adams

Snow Shaker                                  Author:  KT

Big Lie, Small World                       Author:  JIN

Charades                                        Author: Twyla Jane

Soledad                                         Author:  J   Brooks

Afraid                                            Author:   Xiola

Trial From Hell                               Author: Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

When Gunfighters Grieve                Author: Brigitta B

Weight Lifting                                Author:  KT

Lies in the Darkness                        Author: KT

Playing Hooky                               Author:  KT

At The Gate                                 Author: Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

Chance Met Friends                     Author:  Tiffiny

The Perfect Crime                       Author: KET

Ally Cat                                       Author: BM 





JP4 - Extinction                                          Author:   Jediya

Indifference                                                Author: Anita      

When Hero's Hurt                                      Author:  The Chronicler

Mind Games                                               Author:  Freeformchick

Hackers                                                     Author:   The Chronicler 

When Adventures Begin...                          Author:   The Chronicler    

Bodyguards - The Name of the Game         Author:   Jean Graham 

Kings and Vagabonds II: The Journey        Author: Jean Graham

Mongoose                                                 Author:  Eleanor Tremayne

Zerks                                                         Author: Twyla                       Declined

Things Work Out Eventually                     Author: Gunney

Thought and Memory                               Author: Raven

Hospital                                                   Author: Mel                         Declined

Four Corners PD                                   Author: Heidi & Cin

Flames                                                  Author: Sue Kelley

The List                                                 Author: MMW

The Road to Armageddon                     Author: Helen Chavez

Shadowdancers                                       Author: Deirdre




Sin City                                    Author: Anita      

Of  Human Glory                     Author: Suzy B

Wind and Rain                        Author: Barb M.

The Twelve pack                    Author: Annie

Burning Leaves                        Author:  Lumina            

The Pack                                Author: Steelknight



Award Nomination Guidelines 2004


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