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Please read the Guidelines

as some criteria may have changed.

Updated guidelines 04/20/2009

Award Nomination Guidelines



Notice: Please read the guidelines as some criteria have changed this year.

Please limit nominations you send in to ONE (1), per author, per category. Choose what you

consider to be the author's best work. I'll be keeping track of the nomination dates and who

makes them this year, so if you send in more than is allowed, only the first one submitted in

each category will be listed.  We just want to avoid a flood of nominations from the same

 person, all for the same author, in the same category. That overwhelms the judges

and does not allow the writer's work to really stand out from all the rest.  That can hurt

the writer's chances. If you need a little more clarification on this, please feel free to

e-mail me.


This year we will no longer be accepting nominations for WIPs. The intention was to

encourage authors to complete their stories, but it has had no positive effect,

and it is a category most judges do not like to judge since the stories are incomplete.  

Also, we will no longer be accepting nominations for Kiss fics. There were just too few

nominations for that category and those stories can be working into other categories.


Thanks !  LunaDey



1. All Mag 7 based stories are eligible for nomination, provided they are posted on a web site that is

readily accessible. If your story is in PDF format, you might be asked to supply a copy for the judges who

have trouble accessing that format.


2. A story cannot be re-nominated if it took first place in a previous year in any category. Stories

that got a runner up status are still eligible for consideration in subsequent years.


3.A story cannot win, or be nominated, in more than one category in the same year. There will be

 two exceptions to this rule.


One is for the Best New Author category. The story you use to make a nomination for Best

New Author can also be nominated in an appropriate story category. The Best New Author

award is a personal award to encourage new fanfic writers. Stories used in this category will be

judged only against the work of other new writers. The author's best work should be nominated

for judging for this award, even if it has been nominated in a story category. A nomination in one

of the other categories is for the individual story, and it will be judged against the work of the

established authors.


The second exception is for sequential (series) stories. A single story that is part of a nominated

series may also be nominated as an individual story in its appropriate category. 


4. There is no age limit to how old the story can be. They do not have to be written within the last year,

 except for those nominated in the Best New Author Category. They must have been written since

Jan 1, 2007. (This has been modified slightly from previous years to make it easier determine

when a story was posted. It allows about fourteen months before nominations begin.)


 Amendments: One new condition this year is that if a story has already been nominated twice,

regardless of which category (ies), and it has not won, further nominations won't be accepted for that

story in future years. It is too much to ask the judges to continue to go over the same stories year after

year. A second new condition is that an author can have a maximum of 2 nominations in a single category.

 If he/she receives more than 2, he/she will be allowed to choose the 2 for judging from those nominated

in that category. The nomination website will indicate which ones the author accepts and/or declines a

 few days after nominations close. (This is necessary to reduce the load on the judges. I had some judges

last year who just couldn't get it all done on time, causing some categories to be short a judge, because

the categories were so big). We had nearly 400 nominations last year, which is fantastic, but I cannot

get enough judges to handle that many and have them not be overwhelmed.

5. You may nominate your own story, but please follow all the guidelines as you would for any other



 Amendments: New conditions for self-nominations are: You can make no more than three

self-nominations total, and only one per category. So, give it some real thought when you choose

which ones to nominate of your own and choose only the ones you feel are the best examples of

your work. We want everyone to have a chance to be judged, but we aren't going for sheer numbers

of nominations, we want your best quality work. .

An attempt will be made to notify all the nominees of their nomination. After a third attempt,

if the author does not respond to the notice of nomination, the story will be pulled from consideration.

7. A nominee may decline a nomination if he/she does not want the story judged for the award.


8. Any nomination that has not been acknowledged and accepted by the author by the time judging

begins will be dropped from consideration regardless of how many attempts have been made at

notification. I will reconsider a nomination only in extreme situations, to be determined on and individual basis.


9.Nominations will be accepted from March 2th to midnight on April 12, 2009. Late nominations

will not be accepted.


10. Judging will take place over the following twelve weeks. Each story will have a panel of no

less than four judges. I hope to be able to still assign five judges if at all possible. (contact LunaDey if your interested in judging)


11. Judging will be based on five criteria: writing style (including grammar, spelling, etc),

characterization/character development,  flow/plot development, creativity/originality,

and a personal score from the judges

(that will allow them to score based on their personal opinion of the story).


12. Winning stories will be awarded an award graphic to be displayed on the story on site,

and a hard copy certificate, suitable for framing or keeping in a scrapbook.


13. In the event of tie scores for winning stories, all those tied for that score will be declared to be winners.


14. The eighth annual M.o.M. awards will be held on July 25, 2009, at . EST (7:00 p.m. CST).

The awards are presented on and yahoo-group list established specifically for that purpose it is located

at  M.o.M FanFic Awards Site. To Join the awards group go to: M_o_MFanFicAwards

15. Nominations submitted that do not include the Name and Email Address 

of the Sender / Submitter:  Cannot be Accepted. IF we need to ask questions

about the submission, we must be able to contact the person making the nomination. 

(Email addresses are not sold they are only for awards staff .)


16.Nominations may be made by clicking the Link below: Please include all of the following information

about the story you wish to nominate. Title, Author, Author's Email, Co Author (if there is one),

 and URL where the story is found, including Adult URLs (they will not be made public).  Thank you.





Nomination Web site form


Please Read the List of Nominations ,  

Before you submit, It could already be Nominated. Thanks!

Category Names and Descriptions:

Gen stories are any non-sexually explicit stories. They may contain some suggestiveness and innuendo of a het or slash nature. Things that are allowable and the story still be considered gen are kisses, hugs, mild love scenes, etc. Usually if it can be posted on a gen site it will be acceptable here.

Adult stories are sexually explicit and can be either het or slash.

TEARJERKER  / The Embroidered Hanky Award
 This one explains itself. Fics that should come with a tissue or hanky warning.




BEST HURT/COMFORT / The Golden Crutch Award
Involves one of the seven being hurt (physically, mentally, or emotionally)
and cared for by one or more of the remaining seven.





BEST HUMOR / The John Dunne Award
 Humorous story that is gen. in nature, although suggestiveness is acceptable.



BEST GEN GIGGLES- HUMOR  / The Gen Tickled Award   

A very short humorous ficlet that is gen in nature and that is not long enough to be judged against

 full length stories… usually 1-5 pages or less, often considered to be PWP fics (Plot? What Plot?) 



BEST ADULT HUMOR / The Loaded Gun Award
 Humorous story that is adult in nature. Gets explicit and can be either het or slash.


BEST ADULT GIGGLES - HUMOR  / The Adult Tickled Award

A very short  humorous ficlet that is gen in nature and that is not long enough to be judged against

 full length  stories… usually 1-5 pages or less, often considered to be PWP fics (Plot? What Plot?)



BEST GEN Stories / The One Destiny Award
For stories about the seven that don't fit in any specific category, that are non-adult, with no love interest for any of the guys.



BEST ADULT- HET/ The Ace of Hearts Award
 Explicit male/female adult story.



BEST ADULT- SLASH/ The Wild Hearts Award
 Explicit male/male or female/female adult story



AU OTHER THAN ATF / The Brass Mirror Award
Any non-ATF AU, such as, Star Trek, Star Wars,  WWII etc.
There is an adult and a Gen category for this award. 

Please do not nominate the entire AU!  Individual stories only please.





BEST LITTLE BRITCHES (ATF OR OW) / The Little Britches Award

This is for any little britches stories, stories that feature Vin and JD as children fostered or adopted

by Chris and Buck. GEN ONLY



BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches)  / The Little Tykes Award

This category is for stories that feature any or all of the seven as children, but that are not Little

Britches stories. GEN ONLY


BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches) The Kindred Souls Award

This category is for stories that feature any or all the seven as children, but are not Little Britches

stories, and that include adult relationships between adults in the stories. Content that is sexual

in nature that involves children will not be permitted.



CROSSOVERS / The Crossroads Award
Mag 7 crossed with any other series involving characters from both shows. 

Example, Mag 7 crossed with the A-team . There is an adult and a gen 

category for this award. Individual stories only, not a full series.





BEST SEQUENTIAL FICS (any genre) / Mag7 Serial Award
A series of fics written by one author. Please list 2 titles from the series that you feel best

represent the author's work  in the series.





BEST HOLIDAY FIC (any genre)/ The Glad Tidings Award
A story that centers on a holiday (not holiday as in vacation).
There is an adult and a gen category for this award.





BEST VIGNETTE(40K or less)(any genre) / The Magnificent Ficlet Award
A short story, usually involving only one scene. There is an adult and
gen category for this award.





BEST EXTENDED FIC(250K or more)(any genre)/ The Best Novella Award
 A long story, which may or may not be posted in multiple parts. It must be all 

one story that is continued in segments, not a series of stand alone fics. 

There is an adult and gen category for this award for both Old West Stories and AUs including ATF.



  BEST AU (including ATF) GEN Novella

  BEST  OW Adult Novella



BEST NEW AUTHOR(any genre) / The Rising Star Award
This category is for new writers to the fandom. For a story to qualify for this
the author must had posted his/her first fic in the fandom after January 1, 2008.













QUESTIONS for Submitting Email:  LunaDey
Questions on web page Email: