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BEST GEN Stories (The One Destiny Award)

 The Man Inside    Joy K




TEARJERKER (The Embroidered Hanky Award)

BEST GEN TEARJERKER                                BEST ADULT TEARJERKER

                       The Funeral of Obediah Jackson (winner)   PAT                 End of the Road     Stan Lee 

                      Magnificence (runner up tie)     Rachael

                      Shade of Four Corners (runner up tie)    Nottasha




BEST HURT/COMFORT (The Golden Crutch Award)

BEST GEN HURT/COMFORT                                  BEST ADULT HURT/COMFORT

                             Higher Ground (winner)    K. Hanna Korossy               Ten Years and Counting       JIN

                          Restraints (runner up)     Bernadette



BEST ADULT- HET (The Ace of Hearts Award)
Just Couldn't Wait     Sue M


BEST ADULT- SLASH (The Wild Hearts Award)
Things that Define You      Charlotte Hill



AU OTHER THAN ATF (The Brass Mirror Award)
BEST GEN. NON-ATF AU                                   BEST ADULT NON-ATF AU

                 Fallen Angels (winner)    Lisa S and Luna Dey                            Do I know you?      Angie

            Desolation (runner up tie)    Phyllis



CROSSOVERS (The Crossroads Award)
BEST GEN. CROSSOVER                                BEST ADULT CROSSOVER

                        A New Direction (winner)     Nadine                                Tide and Times      Susan

                      Ghost Town (runner up)       strangevisitor7



BEST HOLIDAY FIC (any genre) (The Glad Tidings Award)
BEST GEN. HOLIDAY FIC                              BEST ADULT HOLIDAY FIC

             Home for the Holidays (winner)      Englishspirit                        Comfort and Joy      Limlaith

            A Quarter for your shoe (runner up)       Ithildyn



BEST HUMOR (The John Dunne Award)

Why the Janitor Quit      PAT


BEST ADULT HUMOR (The Loaded Gun Award)
One Night Out West        Englishspirit



BEST GEN GIGGLES- HUMOR (The Gen Tickled Award)

Having Your Cake       Helen Adams


BEST ADULT GIGGLES - HUMOR (The Adult Tickled Award)

Caught       Evil Jacquie



BEST LITTLE BRITCHES (ATF OR OW) (The Little Britches Award)

Saving Grace (winner)   AJB    

            Puzzling out Life's Lessons- Losing a Piece  (runner up)    Joy K



BEST KID FIC GEN (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Little Tykes Award)

  Sounds of Silence (winner)     Joy K

   Rollaway (runner up)      Joy K



BEST KID FIC ADULT (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Kindred Souls Award)

Moving Day (winner)      Charlotte Hill

   Delinquent (runner up)        Ami_chan200



BEST SEQUENTIAL FICS (any genre) (Mag7 Serial Award)

                                  Night and Day       Nottasha                Recovery and Absolution (winner tie)     Ashlyn

                                                                                                Grulla, Palomino  (winner tie)       Cattraine

                                                                                                Shades of Grey (runner up)  Tnnertexaslady & Wendypooh



BEST VIGNETTE (40K or less) (any genre) (The Magnificent Ficlet Award)

BEST GEN VIGNETTE                                   BEST ADULT VIGNETTE

                               Fellow Travelers (winner)    Sally                             The Lay of the Land (winner)      Stan Lee

                             A Ghost Story (runner up)     Quietcontrary               Crime and Punishment (runner up)     Ashlyn



BEST EXTENDED FIC (250K or more) (any genre) (The Best Novella Award)

BEST OW GEN NOVELLA                                               BEST OW Adult Novella

                           The Wages of Sin        Derry                                                       Green Eyes       MAC


BEST AU (including ATF) GEN Novella                 BEST AU (including ATF) ADULT NOVELLA

                            Aftermath         BMP                                           MCAT Fire and Rain      Tannertexaslady



BEST NEW AUTHOR (any genre) (The Rising Star Award)
BEST ORIGINAL GEN FIC                                BEST ORIGINAL ADULT FIC

                             Ghost Town        Strangevisitor7                                  This is for You     Sivan Shemesh





Lisa S.


No Aces Award