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When:  July 26, 2008

(pre-ceremony events start at 5:00 p.m. EST and ceremony starts at 8:00 p.m. EST)


Where:  M_o_MFanFicAwards 


Program Table of Contents





  1. Welcome  

  2. Bios on The Magnificent Seven Old West Ladies

  3. Credits and Thank You's

  4. Program of Events for Awards Night

  5. Magnificent Seven Quotes Quiz

  6. Spotlight on Mag7 Supernatural-Themed AUs and RPGs

  7. Magnificent Advertisements

  8. Answers to Magnificent Seven Quotes Quiz



Welcome to the rip roaring seventh annual Mistresses of Malarkey's (MoM) Magnificent Seven Fanfic Awards Ceremony.  To start with, none of this could be possible if it were not for the fan favorite TV series called The Magnificent Seven that celebrated its ten year anniversary this year.  Who would have thought that a little western would have won the fans’ hearts and imaginations and still be so popular ten years later?  Secondly, let me introduce you to the seven old west ladies who helped make the show so "magnificent".




Introducing . . . The Magnificent Seven Old West Ladies



 Mary Travis , an intelligent, educated, independent, and stubborn woman. Her outspoken manner often led her into trouble.  She had an unusual role for a woman and a mother during this time. Mary was the editor/owner of the Clarion newspaper, having taken it over after her husband Steven's murder.  Her father-in-law was Judge Orin Travis, Territorial Circuit Judge, who along with his wife, Evie, looked after Mary’s son, Billy, until he was able to return to town. 



Nettie Wells, a homesteader who lived just outside of town.  Nettie was a tough old bird with a good heart, who provided a home for her young niece, Casey.  About 65 years of age, she never met a man or beast that was above shooting if it caused her trouble.  There's nothing and no one who scared her.  A strong supporter of the seven peacekeepers, she had a soft spot for the tracker, Vin Tanner.  Nettie reminded Vin of an older version of his mother, causing Vin to go great lengths to protect her. 



Casey Wells, a young gal of 17 or 18 who lived with her aunt.  Casey is a younger version of Nettie, or at least, tried to be.  She had a strong crush on the youngest of the peacekeepers, JD Dunne, but that didn't prevent Casey from punching him when she felt he deserved it, much to JD's confusion.  Casey worked in town at the Mercantile and often spent her free time with JD.  Casey is not one for dressing up; things seemed to go wrong every time she attempted fancy dress. 



 Inez Recillos, born and raised in Mexico, she had to flee to America in fear of her life after striking her Patron's son, Don Paulo de Madera, as she fought to defend her honor.  Resilient and determined she obtained a job at the Standish Tavern and soon had many friends and admirers, one in particular--Buck Wilmington--who tried to woo her without success.  When Don Paulo found Inez it was Buck who stepped up to defend her in a duel to the death.  At the end of the day, Don Paulo was dead and Inez was free.



Rain, daughter of Eban, a former slave, and a Seminole woman he had taken as a wife.  As an adult, Rain's mixed blood made her very beautiful and Eban was very protective of her since his wife died while Rain was a child.  In a matter of days, her life changed forever when a Confederate band of outlaws attacked their village.  When seven men came to be their protectors, Rain met and instantly fell in love with Nathan Jackson, a former slave who had healing skills.  After her father died in the final attack from the Confederate outlaws, Rain was alone; however, she had an eye on Nathan and hoped their relationship would blossom.



Maude Standish's roots are alleged to be from the South but this may be another guise she had created over the years.  She has a reputation as an excellent gambler and con artist.  Appearances are everything to Maude, and she means to impress with both her stylish couture and her skill with the cards.  She had been married five times; one of the marriages produced a son, Ezra, whom she adores.  She brought him up to be tough and self-reliant. In her line of work she had to leave Ezra behind with dubious family members or friends at times while she followed her latest mark to keep the wolves from the door.  She dropped in on him from time to time but was always on the lookout for her next con.



Sarah Larabee, daughter of Frank Connolly, she married Christopher Larabee against her father's wishes.  Sarah moved into her new home with its own plot of land where they raised horses.  Married life was good, as her husband had settled down and lost most of his wild ways. Later, when blessed with a son, named Adam, they became a happy family.  Tragically, their home burned to the ground with Sarah and Adam, aged four, still inside, while Chris was away on business in Mexico.




Credits and Thank Yous


I would like to take a moment to thank the many individuals who helped make our Seventh Annual Mistresses of Malarkey (MoM) Magnificent Seven Fanfic Awards a success and a lot of fun.  Many thanks go to. . .


--  To my fellow List Moderators – Lady Viper, Lisa S., Laura, Sarah, Sue, Janette, Nancy, Wendy, Antoinette and Mal – for their help with all the behind the scenes work.  Your assistance was priceless!!


--  To Lady Viper, our Graphics Designer, for maintaining the MoM's website, creating the award graphics, and updating the various awards web pages.  Your imaginative talents are amazing!!


--  To Lisa, our Award Program Editor, for creating this wonderful awards program to celebrate this event and to Mal and Janette for writing the superb bios. 


--  To Nancy for supporting and advertising the awards at the Blackraptor website.


--  To the numerous volunteers who judged all the superb nominated fics!!


--  To the gifted authors who create exciting, moving, and captivating tales based on "The Magnificent Seven."  CONGRATULATIONS and keep writin'!!


--  And last but not least, to all those who read these magnificent stories and nominated these wonderful fics!!  This night could not be possible without you!!  Thank you for your support!!


Thanks again to everyone and hope to see you on July 26th at 8:00 p.m. EST, at the awards ceremony!


Rhonda (Luna Dey)





Program of Events

Welcoming Remarks by Mistresses of Malarkey's List Mom Rhonda



BEST GEN Stories (The One Destiny Award)

Presenters:  Rhonda & OW Ezra


TEARJERKER (The Embroidered Hanky Award)


Presenters:  Mal & ATF Nathan & Las Vegas Nathan


BEST HURT/COMFORT (The Golden Crutch Award)


Presenters: Laura & OW JD


BEST ADULT- HET (The Ace of Hearts Award)
Presenters: OW Buck  & Las Vegas JD  


BEST ADULT- SLASH (The Wild Hearts Award)
Presenters: LadyViper & OW Chris  


AU OTHER THAN ATF (The Brass Mirror Award)

Presenters: Lisa S & Las Vegas Chris 


CROSSOVERS (The Crossroads Award)

Presenters: Lisa S & Las Vegas Chris  


BEST HOLIDAY FIC (any genre) (The Glad Tidings Award)

Presenters: OW Casey & Las Vegas Vin




BEST HUMOR (The John Dunne Award)

BEST ADULT HUMOR (The Loaded Gun Award)
Presenters: OW Josiah & ATF Josiah   


BEST GEN GIGGLES- HUMOR (The Gen Tickled Award)

BEST ADULT GIGGLES - HUMOR (The Adult Tickled Award)

Presenters:  Janette & Las Vegas Vin 


BEST LITTLE BRITCHES (ATF OR OW) (The Little Britches Award)

Presenters: LB Chris & Buck


BEST KID FIC GEN (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Little Tykes Award)

BEST KID FI ADULT (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Kindred Souls Award)

Presenters: Sue M & ATF Buck and JD 


BEST SEQUENTIAL FICS (any genre) (Mag7 Serial Award)

Presenters: Nancy & ATF Vin 


BEST VIGNETTE (40K or less) (any genre) (The Magnificent Ficlet Award)


Presenters: Antoinette & ATF Rain 


BEST EXTENDED FIC (250K or more) (any genre) (The Best Novella Award)

BEST OW GEN NOVELLA          BEST OW Adult Novella

BEST AU (including ATF) GEN Novella      BEST AU (including ATF) ADULT NOVELLA

Presenters:  Wendy & OW Nathan


BEST POEM (any genre) (The Vin Tanner Award)

Presenters:  OW Vin & OW Mary


BEST NEW AUTHOR (any genre) (The Rising Star Award)

Presenters: Rhonda & ATF Ezra




ACES AWARD (awarded for perfect scores)

Presenters:  Rhonda & ATF Ezra





Magnificent Seven Quotes Quiz


Below are a few quotes to test your Magnificent Seven knowledge.  See if you know who said the quote and from which episode.  Answers are located at the end of the program.  Good luck! 


1.      "Mother?  I always thought Ezra was raised by wolves." 


2.      "This ain't Kansas." 


3.      "Looks like the circus is in town." 


4.      "I'm riding with him."


5.      "Lessons will cost you extra." 

6.      "Oh the indignity, courage Ezra, courage"


7.      "No seven men to watch over us."


8.      "Would you be interested in partaking in a little show of force?" 


9.      "It's always good to be needed." 


10.  "How about peach fuzz, baby?"


11.  "I never said I was no doctor!"


12.  "I'm not smart. That's why you'll stand trial for murder." 


13.  "These men don't run this town"


14.  "Yeah, I'm fine. Just dustin' the floors." 


15.  "Money . . . is like manure. Not good except it be spread."


16.  "Now I never shot a woman before, but I'd love for you to give me a reason."


17.  "Oh, he's all show. I'm your problem."


18.  "I was just hoping there was some mistake."


19.  "I serve the house of Madera. Sometimes, serving the son is not the same as serving the father."


20.  "Well . . . a growing boy like you . . . probably needs more food." 





Spotlight on Mag7 Supernatural-Themed AUs and RPGs



7 Haunted Spirits RPG


Pursuing a band of outlaws, the Magnificent Seven travel from Four Corners into Texas. In the seclusion of the mountains in the panhandle, the thieves threaten a tribal Medicine man to place a curse on the seven. On all hallows eve, Chris Larabee and his men cross into the sacrosanct area where the tribe’s lost souls have been buried, and the curse condemns them to wander the grounds as specters.


They seek sanctuary in an old abandoned mansion discovered nearby. In their new ethereal prison, the curse allows the seven lawmen to take human form during new and full moon eves. Once per year, on Halloween, they are free to assume a life force and walk the earth, only to return on All Souls day, November 1st to the house. The Seven disappeared from the 1870’s never to be heard from again until . . . 


To read these GEN stories visit http://www.freewebs.com/7hauntedspirits/.




Magnificent Seven/Supernatural AU


In this Mag7/Supernatural AU, Josiah Sanchez is a hunter and was actually acquainted with John Winchester and is friends with Bobby Singer.  Vin Tanner and Chris Larabee are also hunters who work with Josiah.  Nathan Jackson is a research scientist for an organization that studies paranormal creatures.  JD Dunne, Ezra Standish, and Buck Wilmington are vampires. The Winchester's and Bobby make some appearances, as well as Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


For a link to this slash AU, please provide a statement that you are over 18 years of age to xenomom14@yahoo.com.






Magnifique Douceurs Adult RPG


The Magnificent Seven's destinies did not end with their deaths, for death was only the beginning. Set in present day New Orleans, the Seven have been undead for over a century. They've made it their personal crusade to keep peace, not only between the vampire clans, but also to see to it that humans and vampires learn to coexist with one another. As a vampire's powers grow, so does their bloodlust. Prophecy claims that only a Master of his clan may take a human servant, one who will stand beside them for all eternity and help the vampire to control his insatiable need for human blood. Come along as these seven Master vampires search for their soul mates, all the while battling their enemies who stand for everything the Seven are against. 


For a link to the stories, please provide a statement that you are over 18 years of age to either lisaruby7@yahoo.com or preachers_gal_7@hotmail.com.






The Order of the Seven Adult RPG


The Magnificent Seven heroes are hunters of all things evil. The date is 1876 and the place is New Orleans. They operate under the direction of Abraham van Helsing from a riverside plantation called 'The Sanctuary'.  In a race against time and several clans of Vampyre, the Seven are in search of the Book of Vishanti for the secret of immortality itself. 


For a link to the stories, please provide a statement that you are over 18 years of age to either lisaruby7@yahoo.com or preachers_gal_7@hotmail.com.





Two Blood AU


Joe Lawson created the Two Blood AU in her story ‘Hunter’s Moon’. This story is no longer available on line, but in it, a group of strangers arriving in Four Corners and their presence forces Buck to reveal his true self to his friends in order to protect them. Buck is a Two-Blood, able, at will, to change himself into a wolf. His father is the alpha male of the ‘Red Stone Pack’ and he wants to reclaim his son. In his pursuit of this goal, he and his pack have ruthlessly killed anybody who got in their way, including Buck's mother. In order to protect the other six and the town, Buck forms the 'Four Corners Pack', with Chris as the alpha. No other pack has so many One-Bloods (as humans are called by the shapeshifters), but by Two-Blood law his father's pack cannot touch them. Inspired by this concept many other writers have written stories in this AU, including ‘Moon and Rain’ which moves the action into the modern ATF AU and charts the forming of the ‘Denver Pack’. It should be noted that Buck is not a werewolf, he can change at will, no full moon needed, he always knows who he is and what he’s doing and lead bullets are just as effective as sliver.


Although conceived as a slash AU there are now a good number of GEN stories for readers to enjoy. To read the Two Blood story "After Image" click here:  http://www.blackraptor.net/m7fic-24/afterimage.htm.





Magnificent Advertisements



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Answers to Magnificent Seven Quotes Quiz


1.      Josiah Sanchez in Witness

2.      Vin Tanner in The New Law

3.      Vin Tanner from Vendetta

4.      Buck Wilmington in The Collector

5.      Ezra Standish in Safecracker

6.      Ezra Standish in Obsession

7.      Mrs. Potter in The New Law

8.      Chris Larabee in The Collector

9.      Nathan Jackson in The New Law

10.  Buck Wilmington in Obsession

11.  Nathan Jackson in Ghost of the Confederacy

12.  Judge Travis in One Day Out West

13.  Mary Travis in Working Girls

14.  JD Dunne in Vendetta

15.  Josiah Sanchez in Sins of the Past

16.  Chris Larabee in Lady Killers

17.  JD Dunne in Penance

18.  Casey Wells in Achilles

19.  Raphael in Love & Honor

20.  Inez in Chinatown



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