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July 29th at 8:00 pm EST





Grab your phaser and tricorder and prepare for an out of this world experience at the fifth annual Mistresses of Malarkey Awards Ceremony, which would not have been possible if it were not for a TV series called  "The  Magnificent Seven."  Let me introduce you to the seven men (Star Trek style) who continue to win our hearts and imaginations. 





          Captain Chris Larabee: Commanding Officer,

                                     USS Maverick


Chris Larabee was deep-selected for promotion to the rank of

Captain and given his first starship command at age 38, after demonstrating outstanding heroism and ability while under

the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a battle against

a Borg fleet which threatened Earth. He is a long-time friend

of his Executive Officer, Commander Buck Wilmington, whom

he has known since their days at Star Fleet Academy. Captain

Larabee had a wife, Sarah, and a son, Adam, but they were

tragically killed in a shuttle explosion, the cause of which was

never determined.



Commander Buck Wilmington: Executive Officer


Commander Wilmington and Captain Larabee have been close friends since their days at Star Fleet Academy. Buck grew up on a “pleasure planet,” raised by his mother, who was a prostitute. She had great dreams for her son, and Buck lived up to them by gaining entrance to Star Fleet Academy shortly before she passed away. Although he can be a formidable presence on the bridge of the Maverick, Buck has no aspirations to command a ship of his own, content instead to serve at the right hand of his long-time friend, Chris.



Commander Josiah Sanchez: Ship’s Counselor

Nicknamed “The Preacher,” Commander Sanchez was a trained psychiatrist working in research and administration when he was called back to active practice as a counselor following the Borg attack against Earth. One of those he counseled was Chris Larabee, who offered him the position

of ship’s counselor when he was given his own command. Commander Sanchez specializes in first-contact negotiations.


Lieutenant Ezra Standish: Security Officer

Lieutenant Standish runs a for-profit gambling operation and is well-versed in the science of contraband. Captain Larabee appointed him security officer because Lieutenant Standish has done it all himself - nothing much gets past him, because he knows every trick in the book. Lieutenant Standish acquired invaluable knowledge of the diverse cultures that comprise Star Fleet during his childhood, spent traveling with his Mother who is a professional gambler and con artist. There are rumors that Ezra may be part Ferengi - unsubstantiated, of course!



Lieutenant Junior Grade Vin Tanner: Navigator


Lieutenant Tanner is a Vulcan, rescued at the age of 5 by a research team consisting of three humans, an older couple

named Tanner and their young research assistant, Vladimir

Illya Nemodrovich.  The four were marooned on an isolated

planet for 12 years, during which time the Vulcan child and humans bonded as a family. Vin inherited the Tanner’s ranch in Texas when they passed away. He is named for the research assistant, and his nickname, “Vin” is an acronym. His “Uncle Vlad” is still living and sees Vin often.



Lieutenant Commander Nathan Jackson: Ship’s Surgeon:


Commander Jackson is a Star Fleet surgeon with a

subspecialty in Vulcan physiology. He has a close friendship as well as a working relationship with Josiah Sanchez, and is romantically involved with the Maverick’s Science Officer, Rain Gennesee.


Ensign JD Dunne: Telemetry

A recent graduate of Star Fleet Academy, Ensign Dunne is

still in the process of completing his qualifications as a Star

Fleet officer. Although assigned to the Maverick as Telemetry Officer, he also stands duty in other operations areas as part of his training. He has a close friendship with Lieutenant Tanner and an budding romance with Ensign Wells.




Ensign Casey Wells: Supply Officer


Also a recent graduate of Star Fleet Academy, Ensign Wells is a member of Star Fleet Supply Corps and is assigned to the Maverick as Supply and Logistics Officer. Her mentor is Lieutenant Travis and she has a romantic interest in Ensign Dunne.


Lieutenant Mary Travis: Administrative and Protocol Officer


Lieutenant Travis is in charge of the administrative and personnel functions

on board the Maverick, and commands a considerable knowledge of Star

Fleet operational procedures as well as being versed in the laws and customs of the various populations that comprise Star Fleet. She is the widow of Admiral Travis’ son, who was killed in the Borg attack on earth.


Admiral Orin Travis: Senior JAG Officer


As the senior legal authority in the sector, Admiral Travis is next ranking

officer in Larabee’s chain of command. It is Admiral Travis who selected Larabee to command the Maverick, and gave him the option of selecting his own crew to patrol the volatile Four Corners region.


The USS Maverick is assigned to patrol Sector 7, a region of space where four quadrants meet in a nebulous region known as the Four Corners, the boundaries of which are continuously under dispute and the inhabitants of which are habitually targets for anyone who wants to increase their respective sphere of authority. Their mission is on-going, and as Federation peacekeepers, they answer directly to the Judge Advocate General, presided over in the region by Admiral Orin Travis.

It is hard to believe this is our Fifth Annual Mistresses of Malarkey (MoM) Awards and, as in past years, it could not have been possible without the unbelievable assistance and support of many individuals.  I would like to take the time now to offer my heartfelt "thank you". . .

-     To my fellow List Moderators – Janette, Lady Viper, Laura, Lisa S., Lisa O, Nancy, Sarah, and Wendy – for their help with all the behind the scenes work.  I could not have done it without you!!


-    To Janette, Wendy, and Lisa O., our Entertainment Coordinators, for helping with the pre-awards celebrations and planning all the fun activities for us all to enjoy. 


-    To Laura, our Award Ceremony Coordinator, for her help planning the presentation ceremony and arranging for the presenters.

-   To the talented Lady Viper, our Graphics Designer, for maintaining the MoM's website, creating the award graphics, and updating the various awards web pages. Your inventive and creative talents are amazing!!

-    To Sarah, our Award Program Editor, for creating and writing this superb "Program of Events."  Bravo!!


-    To Lisa S, our Program Consultant, for offering the benefit of her experience over the last three years as Program Editor when we needed advice or a sounding board for new ideas.

-    To Nancy, our Star Trek 7 Biographer, for drafting the Magnificent Seven/Star Trek bios and for supporting and advertising these awards at her blackraptor website. 

-    To the marvelous volunteers who judged all the superb fics!!  Thank you for your tireless efforts!!

-    To the talented authors who create exciting, touching, and captivating stories based on "The Magnificent Seven".  CONGRATULATIONS and keep writin'!!

-    And last but not least, to all those who read these magnificent tales and nominated these fantastic fics!!  This night could not be possible without you!!  Thank you for your enthusiastic support!!

Thanks again to everyone and hope to see you on
July 29th at 8:00 pm EST, at the awards ceremony!

    Rhonda (Luna Dey)


Welcoming Remarks by Mistresses of Malarkey's List Mom Rhonda



  BEST GEN Stories (The One Destiny Award)

Rhonda & ATF Ezra


  TEARJERKER  (The Embroidered Hanky Award)



ATF Josiah & Shepherd Book (Firefly)


 BEST HURT/COMFORT (The Golden Crutch Award)



Laura & OW Nathan


  BEST ADULT- HET (The Ace of Hearts Award)

LV & ST Buck & Dylan Hunt (Andromeda)


 BEST ADULT- SLASH (The Wild Hearts Award)

ST Chris & Vin


  AU OTHER THAN ATF (The Brass Mirror Award)


ST Ezra & Josiah, Richie (Highlander).


  CROSSOVERS (The Crossroads Award)


Col. O’Neil (SG1) & Mulder (X-Files)


 BEST HOLIDAY FIC (any genre) (The Glad Tidings Award)


OW Buck & ATF Nathan


  BEST HUMOR (The John Dunne Award)

Wendy & OW JD

 BEST ADULT HUMOR (The Loaded Gun Award)

Sarah & ATF Buck


 BEST GEN GIGGLES- HUMOR (The Gen Tickled Award)


Janette & ATF JD


  BEST ADULT GIGGLES - HUMOR (The Adult Tickled Award)


Lisa S. & ATF Chris


  BEST LITTLE BRITCHES (ATF OR OW) (The Little Britches Award)


Storm, Rogue & Jean Gray (X-Men)


  BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Little Tykes Award)


Jim & Blair (Sentinel)


  BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches) (The Kindred Souls Award)


Captain Mal Reynolds (Firefly) & Wolverine (X-Men)



 BEST SEQUENTIAL FICS (any genre) (Mag7 Serial Award)


OW Josiah & OW Chris & Lisa O.


 BEST VIGNETTE(40K or less)(any genre) (The Magnificent Ficlet Award)



John Crichton and General Ka D'Argo (Farscape)



  BEST EXTENDED FIC(250K or more)(any genre)

(The Best Novella Award)

BEST OW GEN NOVELLA               BEST  OW Adult Novella

BEST AU (including ATF) GEN Novella        BEST AU (including ATF) ADULT NOVELLA

Presenters:  ST JD, ST Nathan, and Tealc (SG1)



  BEST POEM (any genre) (The Vin Tanner Award)

Presenters:  ATF & OW Vin


  BEST NEW AUTHOR(any genre) (The Rising Star Award)

Presenters:  Rhonda & OW Ezra




       ACES AWARD (Awarded for perfect scores)    


Presenters:  Rhonda & OW Ezra






                                   To appreciate love,
                                                       you have to know
                                                         you can lose it.


                                                     When a woman
                                                   makes up her mind,
                                                 you can always be sure
                                                 she's gonna do exactly
                                                       what she says -
                                                            or not.


                                               The only time a woman
                                              can easily change a man
                                                  is when he's a baby.


                                                 Love is a rocky trail,
                                            but it promises a scenic ride.


                                                     Women don't make
                                                       fools out of men;
                                                      they just give 'em
                                                        the opportunity.


                                                         The best way
                                              to cure a pain in the behind
                                                   is to kiss 'em goodbye.


                                                Among other drawbacks,
                                                        if you live alone
                                                you'll never know if you


                                               You know you're in love
                                                   when there are only
                                                two places in the world:
                                                        where she is,
                                                   and where she's not.


                                                If you don't quarrel
                                                   once in a while,
                                              one of you is just dumb.




The Collector:

You'd best get off my property, Guy Royal. You know I can judge.

Would you be interested in partaking in a little nominating?
Nominating? Why, hell, that's my middle name.


Sins of The Past:

You hear that, gentlemen? That is the sound of an author knocking. Don't be slow to answer the door.

Well, frankly, of all the endeavors I thought you might undertake, judging was not one of them. Why are you in town?

All those years lookin' over your shoulder, nominatin' with one eye open... it's got to wear on a man.

Love & Honor:

Well, you obviously learned the vote's various manifestations, but have you also studied its... application?

So do you--you think this, uh, this nomination's a sign that I'm gonna win?



You still as ornery as an author with a rattler up his backside? I think you are. What are you doing

I nominated him. He came right up to me and before he said "howdy-do," I nominated him.




Did you know…


…Anthony Starke's parents tried to discourage him from acting by sending

him articles of how often actors do not work. When he finally landed a

movie of the week in Chicago, they became supportive.


…In James Cameron's The Terminator, Michael Biehn gets bitten on the

 hand by another character. He has suffered the same on-0screen injury

in every James Cameron film he's been in.


…Ron Perlman is left handed, but was forced to use his right as a child –

therefore he is comfortable using his right hand.


…Dale Midkiff is the second of eight children: six brothers and one sister.


…Andrew Kavovit is the brother-in-law of actress Meredith Monroe,

of Dawson's Creek.



…Eric Close often includes "Philippians 4:13" on his autographs.

The verse reads,

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


…Rick Worthy's first TV appearance was break dancing on the contest

TV show "Dance Fever." He and his 20-year-old brother




 …The wrestling scene between Buck and JD in the pilot episode,

after JD is allowed to join the group, was ad libbed by the actors. It

was the start of the great relationship Buck and JD now enjoy.


In the opening scene of The New Law, Anthony Starke (Ezra Standish) 

is wearing a white cast on his right foot (its visible when he does the 

spin/jump off his horse).



Alexa Vega (from the "Spy Kids" movies) played Olivia

Greer in the  Safecracker episode. 


 …Robert Vaughn played Judge Oren Travis in the series. He also 
appeared in The Magnificent Seven (1960) as Lee.
…Anne Haney, who played Nettie Wells in the Collector episode, passed 
away on 26 May 2001.  
Brion James, who played Steward James in One Day Out West and 
The New Law, passed away on 7 August 1999
…In the Nemesis episode, Chris's son Adam was played by 
Michael Biehn's real life son Caelan. 
…In Inmate 78, Don Swayze (Gage Lawless) is the brother 
of Patrick Swayze.
In the Wagon Train episodes, Eric Close's younger brother, 
Chris  Close, played Jack, the man who is blinded, then 
dies from the explosion.
...In the Achilles episode, we learn for the first time that JD's first  
name is John.  
 …In the Achilles episode, the poem A Heroes Heart was written 
by Dale  Midkiff.



…An Internet fan campaign was partly responsible for CBS' decision to renew this series. A team of fans organized and coordinated their efforts through a Web site, recruiting the internet fandom in e-mailing CBS executives and affiliates and raising $5,000 of their own money for ads in Variety and USA Today thanking the producers, the cast, and the extended crew members. Patti Kleckner, a Chicago-based fan, who was part of the team who organized the campaign, offered her services as a contact on behalf of the effort. She was offered a free trip to California by executive producer John Watson to make her television debut with a walk-on part in the "New Law" episode, which started the second season.




Since the end of the Magnificent Seven in 1999, fans have sought to keep up with the seven men who captured both our hearts and minds. Here is a recap of what they have been up to:

In 1999 Michael Biehn lent his voice to the video game Command & Conquer: Tiberean Sun. The years 2000-2002 brought us movies such as Cherry Falls, The Art of War and Clockstoppers. In 2003 Biehn returned to the small screen in "Adventure Inc" and again in 2004 in the short-lived "Hawaii". Look for Michael in 2006-2007 in The Insatiable, You are Here, Grind House and That's Amore!


Eric Close has had a steady run on the small screen beginning with "Now and Again in 1999 and following up with TV movies Follow the Stars Home (2001) and NTSB: The Crash of Flight 323 (2004), and the mini series "Taken" (2003). Close lent his voice to the popular Disney cartoon "Kim Possible" in 2005 and can currently been seen on the TV series "Without A Trace".  Announced for Eric in 2006 is the movie Saving Angelo.


Ron Perlman has by far been the busiest of the 7, racking up a total of 65 projects with 10 more in the works since '99! His unforgettable voice can be heard in video games such as Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Fallout Tactics, True Crime: Streets of LA, Narc, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay; and also in cartoons such as Hey Arnold!, Scooby Doo, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, Titan A.E. and Justice League. Movies range from Hellboy, Blade II, Rats, Star Trek: Nemesis and Happy, Texas. He's guest starred on "The Outer Limits", Charmed", and "Stephen King's Desperation". Among upcoming works for Perlman are Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, The Mutant Chronicles, and Solomon's Turn.

Making his mark on the small screen, Rick Worthy has had guest starring roles in "Touched By An Angel", Star Trek: Voyager", "Seven Days", "Felicity", "Stargate SG-1", "Boomtown", "Enterprise", "CSI: Miami", CSI: Las Vegas" & the soap opera "General Hospital". He's lent his voice to the video game X-Men Legends and was in the movies Collateral Damage and Holes. In the works for Worthy in 2006 for TV is, Fallen.

Much to our disappointment, Andrew Kavovit has not been seen as much as his fellow magnificent friends. He's appeared on "Touched By An Angel", "Joan of Arcadia" and "Miracles". 2000-2002 saw Andy in The David Cassidy Story, Rat Race, and Rent Control. Good news, Kavovit can be seen in 2006's Twilite Memories.

Dale Midkiff has become well known for his role as Clark in the Hallmark movies Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey and the upcoming Love's Abiding Joy. Other movies for Midkiff include Air Bud: World Pup and Route 666 and he's guest starred on TV shows "The Outer Limits", CSI: Las Vegas" and "Without A Trace". In the future for Dale is National Lampoon's Totally Baked and Plane Dead.

Anthony Starke has remained on the small screen since 1999. He stared in the short-lived series "Cold Feet" and moved on to guest roles in "Boston Public", "Charmed", "CSI: Las Vegas", "Angel", "Abby", "Crossing Jordan", and 2005's "Prison Break".

***Disclaimer: All information was gathered from IMDb.com and was written as is from that site. As such, mistakes are not our fault. ***