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                                                                                     June 26, 2005





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The Rising Star Award


Settin' Things Straight    Author: Rhiannon

He gets that from me     Author: Ms. Bagels
Five Years      Author: Tonny
Time After Time    Author: Happy Psycho Bunny
The Sacrifice        Author: Bean
Friends, Past and Present    Author: Rhiannon
Just Another Day    Author: Karlee Keene
Hidden past       Author: Kati
Snit            Author: BMP 
Aftermath         Author: BMP 


The Rising Star Award

Home     Author: Renegade
The Hour of Separation    Author: TrueEnough
This much is true       Author: Limlaith


 The Golden Crutch Award

Treading Softly    Author: Purple Lacey

Devils hand       Author: Nottasha

In Black          Author: NotTasha
In the Middle      Author: Twyla Jane
Friend in Need    Author: Sue N.
Half Baked      Author: TwylaJane
Lost Trail     Author:  Ronnie
End of Innocence      Author: Angie
Still Waters      Author: Xiola
Whatever it takes       Author: Holly
Faith of the Heart          Author: KT
Need    Author: JIN
Fire Dance   Author: Chris
Blood, sweat and tears    Author: Hombre
A hunting We will go   Author: Patricia
A Good Reason    Author: SoDak7
Fine Edge of the Blade     Author: TrishA
Then There Were Five    Author: Winter
Wrestling the Octopus    Author: Joy K
Wounds     Author: LaraMee
Brothers in Arms       Author: Winter
The Devils Anvil        Author: Winter
Full Circle      Author: KT
Fires   Author: LaraMee
Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God         Author: JIN
The Trap       Author: Janalyn                        Unable to notify/withdrawn


The Golden Crutch Award

Bedroom Eyes      Author: VampyrAlex
Repercussions     Author:  Winnie
Twist in the Dragon's Tail     Author: Firefox
Scars       Author: Sue N.
Frozen   Author: Silver
Healing Hearts    Author: Storm
Glass Hearts     Author: Storm
Nobody Else But You     Author: Mady Bay
Call Me        Author: Maygra


The John Dunne Award

From New Moon To New Moon     Author: MMW

Turk & Clan     Author: Heather F
Hillbillies & Geeks     Authors: MOG and Tidia
Santa and the Devil     Author: MOG
The Idea       Author: Chris J. Ueberall
Connected to you       Author:  Susie Burton
Xanadu - the ABC Fic   Authors: NotTasha, Helen Adams, Jen Brooks, Debby, Tipper, Heather F, Katy, TwylaJane, Q'Mar, Celesta SunStar, Angela B, Violette, and LilyOfTheWest
Why the Janitor quit     Author: Pat
Welcome to the Henhouse    Author: Greta C.
Candy From Strangers   Author: Hilary Fox         Unable to notify/withdrawn
Call of the Wild   Author: Annie                          Intelligible-tied for first in 2004
Full Moon    Author: Brigitta
Clothes Make the Man   Author: Xiola
How Four Idjiots Got Baptized   Author: Pat
What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas  Author: J. Brooks
Seeing the Elephant      Author: Jen Brooks
Coke grenade        Author: Amy
Ailments of the Undead     Author: MMW


The Loaded Gun Award

Gordian Knots        Author: Cyc             Unable to notify/withdrawn
Malebox       Author: Sue N.
Commanche Moon    Author: Cattraine
One Day Out West: A Cowboy Tale     Author:  Claire
Auld L'Anxiety    Author: C.V. Puerro                      Declined
Maude In Law      Author: Jensen Rick
You Wouldn't Believe Me if I told You    Author: Charlotte C Hill
The Ass Sucking Story       Author: Wendy J
Gamblerlocks    Author: Kitipur
No Limit       Author: Kitipurr
Phone Sex      Author: Kaed
Another Saturday Night               Author: Sue Kelley 
All frosting: chocolate     Author: Charlotte Hill
Hair Today    Author:  Tarlan           *refused all future nominations in 2003 *


The Ace of Hearts Awards

Pampered Delight       Author:  LadyViper
Wedded Bliss            Author:  Suzy
Wild Dreams          Author: TJ
The Brotherhood of Man      Author: Kaly
Another Chance    Author: Susie Burton
The Squaw         Author: Sqeakypeep             Unable to notify/withdrawn
Unforgettable      Author: Winnie
Fireworks are early this year!        Author: Dreamer
odi et amo            Author:  Heidi


The Wild Hearts Awards

Exuviate            Author: Cobalt

Truth or Dare       Author: FireFox
Reservation at 8     Author: Mac    
Broken Arrow          Author: VampyrAlex
The Hour of Separation      Author: TrueEnough
Show Me        Author: Cobalt
Forsaken      Author: ZorroRojo
Before There Were Seven, Every Time I Cried      Author: Rick Jensen
A Winter's Trail         Author: Raven
Not a Drop to Drink       Author: Annie
Inchoate            Author: Cobalt
Finessed      Author: MAC
This Moment  Author: Kitipurr
Motivations   Author: Katherine
Cake     Author: Cobalt                                              Declined   
Unspoken   Author: Maygra
The Key to Happiness   Author: Sammy Girl
Foundations    Author: Kitipurr
Your Rules       Author: Brionhet
Credens Furtiva       Author:  Maygra
Anatomy of a storm       Author: Limlaith
Sublimation       Author: Stan Lee                             Declined
Where the Heart Is          Author: Stan lee
Inevitable    Author: Charlotte Hill
No Compromise      Author: Cobalt                           Declined
Silver and Shadows       Author: Joe Lawson       Unable to notify/withdrawn
Fractured         Author:  Charlotte Hill
Charmed             Author: Leila                                       Unable to notify/withdrawn
In Heat         Author: ST                                      Declined
Who's Game?          Author:  Sabro
A Man's Gotta Do...       Author:  Sammy Girl
Songs in the Key of You       Author:  kitipurr
Calfkiller         Author:  Cobalt
Masquerade         Author:   kitipurr
Catch Colt        Author:  Cobalt                                  Declined
Nature of Belief        Author:   Katherine
Crime's Punishment             Author:  Stan Lee
By My Side      Author:  Steelknight
In the Arms of Another     Author: Tiffiny
That Damned Horse     Author: Timberwolf
Like Old Times      Author: Charlotte Hill
Sizzle         Author: Charlotte Hill
Fighting Midnight     Author: Firefox
Blindsided           Author:  Sharbro


The Embroidered Hanky Award

I Believe       Author: Lisa

Unseen Force     Authors: Winnie & Renegade

This Day      Author: JIN
Deliverance     Author: TJ
A True Friend      Author:  SammyGirl
Time After Time    Author: Happy Psycho Bunny
Vengeance for Lilah     Author: Suzy
Vein of Honour       Author: Suzy
Worth Living      Author: Xiola
Auguries of Innocence      Author: Tess
Into the West        Author: Ness Ayton
Afterthoughts        Author:  BMP
I Will Not Take These Things        Author:  Limlaith
Worth the worry       Author: SoDak7
Amor Vincit Omnia        Author: Jessie Jane Cheshire


The Embroidered Hanky Award

Remember...         Author: Tree Climber
New Perspectives      Author: Katherine
One Good Deed       Author: Kay
Sleeping Beauty       Author: Leanne
In Life, In Love     Author: Heartquest
Automaton    Author: Kitipurr
Duende       Author: Cattraine
Previous Influences     Author: Oracle
Footsteps of Angels       Author: Megan Kent
One Half Left      Author: Sammy Girl


The Glad Tidings Award

A Tradition Shared       Author: Debby
Far From Home         Author: Tess
The Greatest Gift of All     Author: Winnie
Memorial Day       Author: Tess
Visit from Saint Buck     Author: Beth Green
Yuletide      Author: Subjective Reality               Unable to notify/withdrawn
A Reason For Thanks      Author: MMW
Christmas miracles and dreams      Author: Winnie
Declaration of Independence      Author: Cin
Mewwy Christmas        Author: Helen Adams


The Glad Tidings Award

Comfort & Joy       Author: Julia Verinder
The Gift        Author: Firefox
New Traditions    Author: ZorroRojo
Benediction    Author: Charlotte C. Hill
Twas the Night   Author: Annie
Have Yourself...      Author: Stan lee


The Brass Mirror Award

7 Hunters      Author: MTopaz
Moon and Rain      Author: Sammy Girl
Blast From The Past    Author:  Brigitta B
New Ventures         Author: Hombre
Equitable Action      Author: Meg Tipper            Ineligible (previous winner)
The Aerie     Author: Winter
Journey Home    Author: Winter
Dragon's Tale    Author: Winter
Misfits    Authors: Winter & Nancy
The Seventh Brother          Author: Lu
Standing Alone             Author: Heidi
Larabee's Leper's: Baptism Under Fire    Author: LaraMee
Runners     Author: Gil Hale  
Dark Skies            Authors: Winter & Nancy W


The Brass Mirror Award

 Destiny        Author:  VampyrAlex
The Alchemist's Fortune         Author: Kay
Four Corners Of The Moon       Author: Robin Serrano
Hunter's Moon     Author: Joe Lawson
In a Heartbeat        Author: Ruby
Letting in the Jungle      Author: Lethe       Unable to notify/withdrawn


The Little Britches Award ~ Its a Small World

Piecing together a Family    Author: LaraMee 
Thanks for Giving Us     Author: LaraMee 
Heaven Knows Mr. Wilmington    Author:  Nancy W.
The Date      Authors: MMW  &  Estee
A Box Full of Moons      Author: Nancy W
For the Best         Author: Heather F
Losing a Piece        Author: Joy K
Hide and Seek     Author: Silverwolf
All I Want        Author: Estee 
Sugar Rush       Author: Carole 
Special Friends  Author: Angie
Please Be Enough     Author: Joy K 
Unca Josiah to the Rescue     Author: Jeanne 
Dark Knights Bring Sunny Days     Author: Holly
Coming Home     Author: Raven
Judging a Book by its Cover     Author: Phyllis
Going to see the West      Author: Jeanne
Operation Cat              Author: KT
Salt and Pepper       Author: Phyllis
Bumpy Roads and Building Blocks       Author: Joy K
Are We There yet?        Author:  Nancy W
A Family Of Friends           Author: Kili Bloom
Wheels     Author: Winter
Mistaken Identity      Author: Winter
Change of Heart       Author: Winter
Heartstrings        Author: Winter
If You Love Something     Author: Winter
Falling Down      Author: Megan Kent
Out of the Mouth of Babes     Author: Xiola
Live by the Gun              Author: Wendy W.
Dancing with the Wind        Author: Joy K
Lords of Misrule   Author: Raven
Ridin'       Author: Raven
I'm Here    Author: Laramee
Full Circle     Author: SLarabeetanner
Christmas Shoes    Author: Slarabeetanner

BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches)  

The Little Tykes Award ~ GEN

Fellow Travelers       Author: J Brooks

Twofold           Author: Purple Lacey

My Soul to Keep       Authors: The Cohorts
Four Corners Academy        Author: Meg Tipper
Bearing The Pain     Author: Angela B
Yet Another Day     Author: Twyla Jane
His Hero      Author: Lady Standish
Gathering The Flock     Author: Katy
Judging the Book     Author: Justice deWinter       Unable to notify/withdrawn
Promises to keep       Author: Purple Lacey
Castles built of Sand        Author: Estee
Arrivals          Author: KT

BEST KID FIC (any genre/non-Little Britches)  

The Kindred Souls Award ~ ADULT

Tykes     Author: Robin Serrano & Zorrorojo  
In the Beginning       Author:  Charlotte C Hill
Parent Teacher Conference      Author: Charlotte Hill
Family Matters                Author: Stan Lee


The Crossroads Award

Four Corners of the Ponderosa           Author: Meg Tipper
Southern Accents      Author: Monica M
DueSeven     Author: GinaD
Mile High City Affair crossover with NCIS    Author: Sammie 
The Letter       Author: Heather M.
Gunfight in Nogales      Author: Jennifer K.
Requiem    Author: Tess
Refuge       Author: Cindy Combs
Demolition Man      Author:  Gil Hale
Finding Me      Author: MMW
Red Rover         Author: Chi
Men in Black       Author:  Debbi K.
Double Jeopardy     Author: Winter
Double Take          Author: Winter
Double Trouble       Author: Winter
Caught by the past             Author: Winnie
Just a moment                  Author: Bri


The Crossroads Award

Holiday    Author: ZorroRojo
Antecedent     Author: Cobalt
A Knight Out    Author: MAC
Insights and Answers    Author:  Katherine


The Vin Tanner Award

A Rat in a Hat Comes Back       Author: Lisa 

Seven Rode Forth      Author: Monica M
Let's Not Go There        Author: TJ
The Window to my Soul     Author: Susie Burton
I Wanna          Author:  Jackie
Until                Author: Hombre
Shadow's Grasp     Author: MMW
Vin Tanner- The Hunter        Author: Chris


The Vin Tanner Award

Together - Each New Dawn       Author: Susie Burton
Procrastination (a Haiku set)      Author: Kitipurr
Gentle Falls the Rain        Author: Windwilowk    Unable to notify/withdrawn


The Luscious Lips Award

A kiss from the soul       Author: Dreamer

First Kiss       Author: Helen Adams  * not explicit*

BEST GEN VIGNETTE (25K or less)(any genre)

The Magnificent Ficlet Award

The Vigil      Author: Helen Chavez
Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truth        Author: Helen Adams
Hero's Heart      Author: Kayim
Times Past       Author: Jenn
The other way      Author: Ruby
Favors         Author:  Charlotte C Hill
Vae Soli    Author: Darknyss
Knowing      Author: Linda B.
Just Another Day    Author: Karlee Keene
Trust       Author: Helen Adams
Just Another Day      Author: Karlee Keene
Tug O' War       Author: Fiercy
One Destiny        Author: Cin

BEST ADULT VIGNETTE (25K or less)(any genre)

The Magnificent Ficlet Award

The  Dream       Author: Bean
In Your Pocket    Author: TrueEnough
Impressions of (permenance)    Author: Cobalt
Blame     Author: Cobalt                                    Declined
Musings to a Barn Cat    Author: MAC
Vinless    Author: MAC
One More Night in Mexico   Author: C.V. Puerro
Someone Else's Mother   Author: Cobalt                    Declined
Worth the Fall    Author: Katherine
The Stand-In      Author: MAC
Demons      Author: Athea
Questions and answers--brief interview with Vin Tanner   Author: mady bay
Ever After     Author: ST
This                Author:  Cobalt
Bitter Sweets           Author: Cobalt              Declined
The Night Visitor     Author: MAC
Samba de Purgatorio      Author: kitipurr
Clean up            Author: Charlotte Hill
Moments            Author: Charlotte Hill


(250k or more, any genre)    The Best Novella Award

River Styx    Author: Estevana Rey
Diamonds and Beans   Author: Meg Tipper

Vendetta: The Blood of the Lamb, Thread A

Authors: DesertSage, Joby, Deb, and Melissa R.

Vendetta: The Blood of the Lamb, Thread B 

Authors: Sarah B., Sue, Carolyn, Carla, Caoilin, Nikki, Maggie, Cassie, and Joby

Quicksand     Author:  Sue N.

Before the Wind       Author: Kimberly
Day of the hunters    Author: Yolande
Say it with Mushrooms     Author:  Brigitta
Through the River of Fire        Author: Deirdre
Silent Memories         Author: Violette

When Shadows Fall    Authors: DesertSage, Deb & Joby 

                                                                     Unable to notify/withdrawn

Dry Gulch            Author: MMW
Trinity (Book One: Embers)         Author:  Sue Kelly
Aftermath           Author: BMP 


(250k or more, any genre)    The Best Novella Award

The Past Returns       Author: Kay
The Big Score           Authors: Charlotte Hill & Maygra
Merry Little Christmas      Author: Limlaith
Sins of the Father      Author:  Susie Burton
Served Cold      Author: Julia Verinder
The Hound of the Standish's      Author: Sammy Girl
Country of the Heart       Author: Charlotte Hill


The Mag 7  Serial Award

Sunset /A Brand New Day          Author: Helen
Legacy (series)        Author: Ace
The New Agent            Author: Kati
The Sacrifice /  Winter Storm        Author: Bean

Across The Divide       Author:  Sue Bartholomew

After Words          Author: BMP
Part of the Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons Series   Author: By Joy K
Losing a Piece,
Looking for a Different Puzzle ,Finding Where You Fit
Completely  &   Say you Love me          Author: LT
Eye of the Beholder    Author:  BMP


The Mag 7  Serial Award

Adiutor Amor Cervus      Author: Sammy Girl
Dark Moon (series)       Author:  Cattraine
The Latin Series       Author: Raven
Into the Fold           Author: Jo Ann
Pretense, and Compromise      Author:  Kitipurr
Los magnificos      Author:  Cattraine
Reflections of... and The Way Life Used to Be     Author:Tiffiny
Discoveries/Pursuant/Interlude      Author: Cobalt
Guilty Heart, & No Harm in Lookin'    Author: Julia Veriender
Touchstone       Author: Charlotte Hill


The One Destiny Award

Old Foes       Author: KT

As the Days Go By      Authors: LunaDey & Lisa S
Facts About Cats       Author: NotTasha
Apology        Author: Eleanor Tremayne
2AM           Author: Helen Chavez
So Easy to Kill       Author:  MidnightBlue
Diablo         Author: Heather F
Headaches           Author: Twyla Jane
What a mother makes           Author:  Theiry
Uncle Darice           Author: Karen Shannon
Tell Me There's A Heaven      Author:  Helen Chavez
One Day Out West: Fort Laramie    Author: Eleanor Tremayne
Replaced           Author: Heather
The Magpie   Author: Meg Tipper
Head 'em up, move 'em out        Author: Hombre
Taken to the Grave     Authors: Michelle & Amanda
The Hunt            Author:  Heather F
Frogs in a Kettle     Author:  Debby
Runners      Author:  Gil Hale
Walk in the Woods     Author: LaraMee
Ferret       Author: Karin                      Unable to notify/withdrawn                
Duality       Author: KT
One Man's Hero     Author: SammyGirl
Chance Met Friends        Author: Tiffiny
Perchance to Dream         Author: US
After Obsession           Author: LaraMee
Runners     Author: Gil Hale  
Lies in the Darkness       Author: KT
Independence day           Author: Charlotte Hill 
Call of the Wild              Author: Annie


The WhIP Award

The Shuck Dog      Author: Helen Chavez
The thorns I reap    Author: Theiry
Mongoose       Author: Eleanor Tremayne
The four Kingdoms - rhea and the Wolf     Author: Meg tipper
A Song for David       Author: Deirdre
Shadowdancers     Author: Deirdre           Ineligible   Not updated before Jan 1, 2004
The Bodyguards: Name of the Game  Author: Jean Graham       Declined
Another Time And Place      Author: Jaye B
Coercion  Author: Desperado's Daughter  Ineligible  Not updated before Jan 1, 2004
Of Hostage Situations and Hospital Stays      Author: Wynde
Trinity Book Two: Flames      Author: Sue Kelley
Whispers in the Darkness    Author: LaraMee


The WhIP Award

The Big Score II       Authors: Charlotte Hill & Maygra
Only Time       Author: Raven
Sins of the Father, part II: Restitution         Author: Susie Burton
Into the Fire         Author: Oracle
A close shave       Author: Annie
Dark Revenge      Author: LaraMee
Ghosts of the Federation     Author: Raven















































































































































































































































































































































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