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 The One Destiny Award (Best Gen Stories)

The Magpie     Meg Tipper   

 The Golden Crutch Award (Best Hurt/Comfort)

Best Gen Hurt/Comfort   The Fine Edge of the Blade      TrishaA

                                  Devils Hand      Nottasha        (runner up)  

Best Adult Hurt/Comfort A Twist of the Dragon's Tail      Firefox


 The John Dunne Award (Best Humor)

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas     J Brooks    


   The Loaded Gun Award  (Best Adult Humor)

Gamblerlocks                     Kitipurr     


 The Ace of Hearts Award (Best Adult - Het)

 Unforgettable       Winnie  

                  odi et amo            Heidi     (runner up)

The Wild Hearts Award (Best Adult - Slash)

            Credens Furtiva         Maygra   

             Fractured       Charlotte Hill  (runner up)



 The Embroidered Hanky Award (Tearjerker)

Best Gen Tearjerker    This Day             JIN

                               Afterthoughts       BMP      (runner up)

Best Adult Tearjerker Tear Jerker Footsteps of Angels   Megan Kent 



 The Brass Mirror Award  (AU other than ATF)

Best Gen Non-ATF AU   Runners        Gil Hale    

Best Adult Non-ATF AU   Four Corners of the Moon   Zorrorojo


 The Crossroads Award (Crossovers)

Best Gen Crossover   Gunfight at Nogales    Jennifer K     

Best Adult Crossover Holiday       Zorrorojo    


  Mag7 Serial Award (Best Sequential Fics - any genre)

Best Gen Sequential      Eye of the Beholder      BMP  

Best Adult Sequential   Fractured    Charlotte Hill  (perfect score)


The Luscious Lips Award (Best Gen Kiss Fic)

First Kiss     Helen Adams     

 Mag 7 It's a Small World Award  (Best Little Britches Fic, Gen only)

Coming Home     Raven

 The Glad Tidings Award (Best Holiday Fic - any genre)

Best Gen Holiday Fic     Visit from Saint Buck    Beth Green

                                   Far From Home      Tess        (runner up)

Best Adult Holiday Fic Twas the Night              Annie    

Best Little Tykes Award  (Best Kid fic, Gen only)

Four Corners Academy     Meg Tipper

Fellow Travelers       J Brooks   (runner up)


 The Kindred Souls Award (Best Kid fic, Adult)

Family Matters      Stan Lee


 The Magnificent Ficlet Award (Best Vignette - 25K or less, any genre)

Best Gen Vignette   Knowing      Linda B

Best Adult Vignette One More Night in Mexico    C V Puerro



 The Best Novella Award (Best Extended Fic - 250K or more, any genre)

Best Gen Novella     River Styx       Nancy W     

                         Aftermath         BMP          (runner up)

Best Adult Novella     Served Cold         Julia Verinder   


  The Vin Tanner Award (Best Poem - any genre)

Best Original Gen Poem    A Rat in the Hat Comes Back     Lisa  

Best Original Adult Poem Each New Dawn      Susie Burton   TIED 

                                     Procrastination         Kitipurr  


 The WIP Award (Best Work In Progress)

Best Gen WIP     The Shuck Dog     Helen Chavez    

Best Adult WIP Into the Fire        Oracle


 The Rising Star Award (Best New Author - any genre)

Best Gen       Aftermath         BMP

Best Adult     The Hour of Separation      TrueEnough


MoM Hall of Fame Award

Awarded for outstanding service and achievement in the fandom
Joy K  


Aces Award-Awarded for a Perfect Score
Charlotte Hill for her adult sequential series

featuring the stories 'Fractured and Touchstone '




Mistresses of Malarkey